Since it the first meal of the day, breakfast is the key to unlocking a productive day. Breakfast plays a pivotal role in how people start the day and determines how the rest of the day pans out. Skipping breakfast has the potential of making people feel dull and not as energetic if they would’ve taken breakfast. Humans require all the major food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. This article will be discussing five everyday breakfast recipes in Kenya.


Sweet Potato and Arrow Roots


Sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamin A while arrowroot is stacked with fibers and essential nutrients. Sweet potatoes sit in the stomach, making people feel fuller and satisfied for longer. All people have to do is boil them. They are great for breakfast if served with tea or coffee. Adding eggs or bacon makes for a tantalizing first meal of the day.




Crunchy cereal served with milk is one of everybody’s favorite breakfast dishes. Cereals are loaded with essential vitamins such as folic acid, which is a key for physical development. Individuals can make their cereal by mixing nuts, oats, and dry fruits if they don’t like store-bought cereal. Adding melted butter, margarine, and honey is an excellent way of infusing taste.




This cereal dish is made by boiling ground crushed grain (either millet or maize grains). Containing high amounts of fiber and phosphorus, porridge is full of nourishment. This nutritious, easy-to-make meal is choke-full of healthy calories, making it perfect for jump starting the body. Add some margarine, nuts, honey, or milk to give it extra nutrition and flavor.


Swahili Doughnuts


Swahili doughnuts are lightly flavored with cardamom powder. They get their rich taste from the coconut milk used to bind the dough. It is often accompanied with some hot tea or peas to improve delicacy. Swahili doughnuts can be taken with any morning beverage such as coffee or fruit juice.


Rice and Coconut Pancakes


These are soft and fluffy pancakes that are made from rice and coconut batter. These are perfect for people who need light snacks in the morning. People can also use rice flour if they don’t want to soak the rice through the night. They can be served with tea, coffee, or milk.