The food community forecasts that 2023 will be a year full of healthy, sustainable, and nutritious meals. That’s encouraging for individuals who made pledges for the new year to eat better. A common New Year’s resolution is to start preparing healthier meals. Meal planning and prep are two ways of committing to that promise. Another is having great recipes in your arsenal.


Consider putting a nontraditional spin on your handheld meals. For someone looking to cut down on carbs, the unwich is an excellent alternative. Not only is it beautiful, but also delicious and healthy. Other emerging recipes include inside-out deli sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches that use protein as the bread substitute.

Stir Frys

Chicken and broccoli can just as easily be made at home. A homemade sauce completes this delicious one-pan meal. Enjoy with homemade rice. The Honey Lemon Chicken Stir Fry from Carlsbad Cravings is ready in only 30 minutes. This supper is the ideal quick weekday meal because it’s full of flavor and light on calories.

Pasta Dishes

Last year was a breakout period for carb-free pasta substitutes. For many people, pasta recipes have come back into their lives after a long absence, thanks to zucchini noodles and other plant-based substitutes. 


One of the simplest things to make is also the most budget-friendly. A pot of soup can be divided up into multiple leftovers. Very little work is required once vegetables have been chopped. You can set it and leave it to cook with an occasional stir.


Not everyone can take the time to sit down and eat. Instead of skipping meals, people are turning to sippable solutions that can be enjoyed while running errands or working at their desks. The possibilities are astounding when it comes to smoothie recipes. The latest trends have people combining protein powders with fruits and vegetables, enough to provide hours of nutrition.

Air Fryer Dishes

The appliance was marketed in the U.S. as a way to deep-fry food without fat while maintaining crispness. Foodies have found additional applications for it. The device can mimic deep-frying while using little to no oil. However, it does so much more. Cooks use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has almost entirely supplanted ovens or microwaves for some chefs when it comes to reheating frozen foods or leftovers. The air fryer community began popping up when people started sharing recipes. Influencers on social media, particularly on TikTok, have built successful businesses promoting new recipes and innovative applications for the gadget.