With the holidays coming up, you might already feel stressed to impress people you haven’t seen in a couple of years post-Covid. While making memories is essential during the holiday season, here are some tips to help you relax and soak in the special time spent with family and friends instead of stressing over the little details like cooking or how your space looks.

Don’t Procrastinate!

One of the easiest ways to create stress near the holidays is by putting off necessary tasks that add mental clutter on the day of the event. Chores like setting up the table, laying out decor, etc., are all things that can be done days or weeks in advance. By creating an atmosphere in advance, you leave yourself plenty of room to focus on cooking or relaxing before your guests arrive.

Skip the Dishes

While many families center their traditions around family heirloom dishes or fine china, don’t be afraid to break tradition. After all, you’re the one who is hosting! Remind family and friends that an easier clean-up means more time visiting around the fire or playing holiday games. Do you still want something fancier than paper plates? No worries! There are tons of stores that sell disposable plates and utensils designed to look fancy. Check out your local craft stores such as Michaels for seasonal finds like these.

Go for the Premade Foods

“Nobody’s gonna know!” Unless you tell them, they won’t! If baking or cooking is not your forte, but you are asked to provide a holiday dish, check out your local bakery or grocery store for gourmet dishes. Even a frozen pie will look legitimate if you thaw it out or cook it in a real pie dish. 

If you want to avoid cooking altogether, suggest a family potluck where everyone brings a dish. You can even send out an electronic sign-up sheet for families to claim which food they would like to bring. The best part is that it also minimizes how many dishes you are responsible for cleaning up!

While the holidays are meant to be special, they shouldn’t be stressful for those willing to host. Enjoy the season!