Air fryers have become hugely popular in recent years for a variety of reasons. People can still enjoy their favorite foods without the guilt. Even people who are on a healthy diet can enjoy fried chicken, ribs, and other types of fast food thanks to this method of cooking.

The problem some people have with air fryers, however, is that they can be difficult to clean. Cleaning an air fryer the wrong way can damage it and even cause it to stop working. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly clean your air fryer.

How to Clean an Air Fryer
The key to getting a clean and scent-free air fryer is to clean it immediately after use. For instance, if there’s leftover sauce or burnt cheese, soak the basket in soapy water before cleaning it. Most models also have dishwasher-safe baskets, too.

1. Clean the air fryer basket and accessories with warm, soapy water. It’s best to use a sponge or soft cloth to avoid scratches or other damage. Soaking the basket loosens the food instead of using a steel wool or cleaning brush.

2. Use a soapy rag to wipe down the interior and rest of the air fryer. Clean the interior as the basket dries. This includes the heating element. Unplug the machine to clean the heating element. A soft bristle brush is an appropriate tool to get rid of any lingering debris. Allow it to dry before reassembly.

3. Once everything is dry, put the air fryer back together. Follow up by wiping the exterior with a damp cloth and then with a dry towel. Air drying is also an option.

Things to Consider
Keep in mind, some air fryers are non-stick. To avoid flaking, be sure to avoid using metal utensils or cleaning mechanisms, as flaking can be a health hazard. Once the non-stick flaking occurs, the air flyer can no longer be used and will have to be replaced.

Cooking in an air fryer is great, especially when it’s properly cleaned. Cleaning an air fryer immediately after using it ensures that it lasts for a long time. Be sure to keep an eye on non-stick flaking. Air fryers must be replaced once this happens to avoid any health issues.