When stocking a new kitchen, there are several important items needed to cook the simplest of meals. Looking at utensils, cookware, special tools, and appliances are four great places to start.


Some of the most basic utensils are wooden spoons or wooden spatulas. These can be used for mixing while baking, stirring up hot food, or serving food at the table. A nice rubber spatula is also a must-have for the kitchen. They are a bit more flexible than a wooden utensil and are great for scraping bowls or the edges of pans. Of course, a nice set of silverware is also necessary for a new kitchen.


Cookware such as a large 10-inch non-stick pan is great for cooking veggies on the stovetop. This type of pan is great for cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast as well. A medium stock/soup pot is perfect for warming up some soup, cooking some chili, hard boiling eggs, or making stew. Cookie sheets are also perfect for the kitchen are surprisingly versatile in their use. Sturdy mixing bowls are essential for baking, mixing meatloaf, or making salads. Having a nice set of these in different sizes works well.

Special Tools

A cutting board or two, along with a great chef’s knife and smaller paring knives are often used for cutting up onions, carrots, or other veggies. Investing in a quality knife or knife set that will last for years is really the best. Cutting boards come in plastic, re-board, or other materials, and they are helpful for keeping the cooking areas clean while food is being prepared. A can opener, a whisk, vegetable peeler, and handheld grater are also special tools so helpful in a new kitchen.


Most people find that a blender is essential, and an immersion blender will do the job of a blender, electric beater, and food processor. Depending on the type of cooking a person does, this may be the perfect solution for one appliance in place of many.

Finishing Touches

A nice set of dinnerware, hand towels, cloths for keeping surfaces clean, a salt and pepper shaker, and cloth napkins will make the finishing touches. Having the essential tools in a kitchen makes it easy to cook healthy food everyday.