Parenting a toddler can be challenging, and one of the most difficult parts is feeding that child and making sure that they have enough to eat. Parents worry when their child is not hungry or when they are incredibly particular about what they will and will not eat. It is essential for a parent to know how to handle the work of feeding a toddler.


Let a Toddler Decide When They are Done Eating:

It is helpful for a parent to let their toddler decide when they are done eating rather than forcing that child to eat more than they want to. When a little one is hungry, they will eat.


Keep Trying New Foods:

No one wants their child only to eat one type of food or one food group, but toddlers can be picky. Instead of giving up on their little one, a parent should keep trying to serve the child foods that they have not liked in the past to see if they change their mind about them.


Sit with the Toddler and Eat with Them:

A child needs to see their parents eating and watch them enjoy some of the foods they are trying for the first time. Mealtime should be family time, and a parent should sit down with their little ones when they are eating.


Encourage the Toddler as They Eat:

When a child picks up a new food and puts it into their mouth, their parent should encourage them and let them know that they are proud of them. They can get the child to try more new foods by being positive and letting them know that it is a big deal when they do.


Be Patient with a Toddler at the Table:

Toddlers can be noisy while seated at the table, and some parents might not like that. A toddler needs to have parents who are patient with them and understand that it is hard for them to sit still, even if it is time to eat.


A Toddler Will Eat Differently as They Grow Up:

In time, a child will learn to eat well and enjoy mealtime. A parent simply needs to be patient during the toddler stage and continue to expose them to a variety of foods.