A good kitchen knife set is essential for any cooking operation. The size and quality of these sets will vary depending on how much you use them. Besides the handle material and blade metal type, other factors such as the self-sharpening capabilities and safety features are also considered when choosing a good kitchen knife set.


We’ve rounded up the top kitchen knife brands known for their quality, longevity, and affordability.



The German-made Wüsthof knife is one of the most popular kitchen knife brands. Since it’s been in production for a long time, you’ll never have to worry about the company’s customer service or warranty. There’s a debate about whether or not the methods used by German and Japanese knife manufacturers are better. While Japanese knives are known for their artistic and beautiful designs, German knives are known for their solid and long-lasting capabilities. The blades of these knives aren’t as eye-catching as those made by some of our favorite Japanese brands, but they’re still able to perform well in various tasks.


Wüsthof’s carbon blades are incredibly easy to sharpen, and the company’s half-bolster ensures they’re both easier to handle and protect. The company’s full-tang blades are also resistant to various stains and chips. If you’re looking for an excellent start to your Wüsthof collection, you can easily find an 8-inch chef’s knife for $200 on Amazon. These are the same blades used by some of the most prominent chefs in the world, such as Gordon Ramsay and Ree Drummond.



It’s hard to take away from a company that makes a 16-piece Damascus knife set made from Japanese materials for only $1,000. This is why Enso is one of the top kitchen knife brands. Large knife sets are typically unattainable or impossible with the prices of other brands. Although the company’s blades are known for their hammer-shaped Damascus steel, they only use 37 blades in their entire line. This means that their edges are less durable and thinner.


Despite the company’s decision to only use 37 blades, it’s still worth noting that Enso still produces some of the best knives on the market. The company’s 101-layer SG2 chef’s knife can be found on Amazon for around $300. This is an excellent choice for people looking for a high-quality, durable, and ergonomic knife.


Miyabi Cutlery

If you’re serious about cooking, you should consider investing in a Japanese knife. These are made from high-quality materials known for their lightweight and robust construction. One of the most popular brands is Zwilling J.A. Henckels, which makes the third generation of knives known as the Miyabi. Its blades are made from over a hundred layers of steel, and they’re given a gorgeous Damascus pattern.


The company’s handles are made from solid woods such as pakka, birch, and black ash. We love how the company’s knives are light and easy to hold and feature a spacious bolster on the neck. While some Japanese knife companies only use single-beveled blades, the company uses double-beveled ones. The santoku and the company’s triple-step sharpening process will make your vegetables incredibly thin.


Despite being one of the most expensive knife brands in the market, the company is still known for its quality. Its entry-level model, the MG2 8-inch chef’s knife, is an excellent choice for people looking for a high-quality knife at an affordable price.


Yoshihiro Cutlery

We highly recommend Yoshihiro for home chefs who don’t want to spend much money on a knife. Its entry-level models range from around $100 to $250, and the company’s more expensive options are also great for serious cooks. The company’s modern stainless steel construction and the traditional Japanese design of its blades are known to lead to a more accurate and durable knife.


Although Yoshihiro is not as sharp as some competitors, such as Miyabi and Shun, its quality is still known. Its unique feature is that it can be purchased directly from its website. However, one of the company’s main complaints is its lack of discounts and sets.


The company’s ability to customize its products is also one of its main advantages. It allows customers to create unique handles by choosing from various shapes, such as round, D, or octagonal. The company’s blades are made from either single or double-beveled steels, such as Damascus, black, or white.