It is certainly not a surprise that microwave cooking is trendy. It is easy, quick, and reliable most of the time. That being said, while a lot of people rely on microwave cooking to reheat their tea or coffee or pop a popcorn bag, there is a substantial number of foods that lose their nutrients and can become harmful when nuked. On that premise, the following article presents a list of foods that experts say people should not microwave.

Raw meat

A microwave is certainly not the place for raw meat products. The reason behind this is that microwaves do not cook the meat evenly. This means that part of the meat will be dried out while the remaining portion will still be raw. In addition to that, experts also warn against defrosting raw meat in the microwave, leading to serious health complications.


Experts also do not recommend microwaving broccoli as it depletes its nutrients. Instead, people should steam their veggies to get the most nutritional bang for their buck.


Microwaves heat foods by exciting water molecules, which generates heat; however, when it comes to bread, this process causes the starch molecules to bind the water molecules and make the bread soggy regardless of the type of bread being heated.

Whole potatoes

People should certainly think twice before attempting to make baked potatoes by placing whole potatoes in the microwave. After microwaving a whole potato from raw, its center will be cold or tepid while the outer part will be scorching. Microwaving large raw foods leads to pockets of both uncooked areas and cooked areas. 


Experts say that people should undoubtedly avoid cooking or reheating boiled eggs. Whether they are shelled or not, microwaving boiled eggs builds pressure inside them, which then causes the egg to explode. It is also worth mentioning that cooking an egg from the raw state does not give better results. 

Processed meat products

While processed meats, such as cold cuts and sausages, are unhealthy, they become carcinogenic once they are microwaved.