Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly common in the food and restaurant sector. Influencers on social media have a significant impact on how customers make decisions in today’s international marketplaces. Their unique abilities, specialized expertise, and personalities affect customers’ attitudes and choices. Due to their capacity to significantly impact customer thoughts, attitudes, and ideas, food influencers have become some of the most influential profiles on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

The combination of food and TikTok, or FoodTok, receives thousands of views a second. One spaghetti chip at a time, it’s controlling our meals and our palates. Below are several TikTok food accounts people follow for meal inspiration or enjoyment.

Emily Mariko  

A Californian woman in her 30s who need no introduction, Emily is why half of the online population blends day-old fish with rice, kewpie, and sriracha to create an orange sludge. Seeing Mariko dish out meals from her spotless kitchen is pleasant, regardless of your opinion on the fad of eating farmed salmon. 

Jo the Nanny

Nanny Jo will always serve up helpings of food envy. She nearly always serves Mexican food, and there is a lot of cheese and spice.  

The Salad Lab 

This channel is perfect for individuals who like salads, not in the no-carb, 90s crash-diet way, but in the crunchy, flavorful, quick lunch way. Salads have a poor reputation because of their previous marketing, but the Salad Lab woman from TikTok changes that. Any kind can be made, including the ones favored by Hollywood’s A-listers. She’s here to cook them all, one TikTok at a time, from Jennifer Aniston’s salad on the Friends set to the cob style that Elle Fanning preferred.  

Mike Johnson

Mike is the ideal individual to assist mentor aspiring home bakers since he is a baker, writer, social media influencer, and lawyer. He presents his recipes that cover a broad spectrum of cooking abilities and focuses on “indulgent but accessible comfort dishes and sweets.” Pick up his novel, Even Better Brownies, if you want a tasty read.

Thomas Straker  

All Things Butter sums him up in three words. Even if many have yet to try duplicating one of his butter mashups, this is one of those few occasions when the enjoyment is in actually seeing the process.

Owen Han  

Owen Han’s TikTok serves as a reminder of the internet’s earlier days when How To Basic on YouTube was the go-to culinary channel. This is because the brief videos of him slicing, cleaving, and pounding on his crusty sandwiches are accompanied by aggressive soundbites. 

Ruben’s Kitchen

Chef Ruben asks people strolling underneath his balcony what he should make and then whips it up. The idea is straightforward, but it’s fun. Also, the dishes are simple enough to prepare at home.