New York City is a place of many opportunities that tourists from around the world come to visit in droves. From entertainment to shopping, there’s always something new for people to try while roaming the big city—food included. 


Being the huge melting pot that it is, you can find all sorts of different cuisines from around the world right in New York City without the hassle or expenses that come with traveling to different countries. Whatever you’re in the mood for, everyone is bound to find something they adore on the city streets. Here are just a few of the greatest cuisines (+ restaurants) to visit while staying in New York City.




The French bistro is a delicacy that leaves people both in and out of France more than satisfied with their food. Whether you want to try buttery snails or have a delicious steak, your tastebuds are bound to be nearly overwhelmed by the rich flavors that French cuisine has to offer. 


Do you want a more authentic feel to your dining experience? Maison Harlem is a snug bistro that quickly became popular in West Harlem since its opening in 2013. The space is designed to reflect Parisian bistros while still honing the art and music scene that Harlem is known for. One look at the menu will show you classic French dishes ranging from French onion soup to slow-cooked duck leg confit; the best part is that most entrees are either $30 or under, meaning you won’t pay an arm and a leg to have your fill of food.


Middle Eastern


New York City has an abundance of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean establishments that tourists and locals alike can give a try when looking for delicious food. Some restaurants are faithful and authentic to their menu’s recipes, while others take a fusion approach to cooking and add different traditions to one dish. 


Gazala’s Place is one of these renowned restaurants with a delightful Druze menu. The owner and chef of the restaurant, Gazala Halabi, is a member of ancient Middle Eastern religious and cultural groups that trace back to Roman times, making the food here traditional and unique. The restaurant is known for its massive and thin pitas and juicy ground beef and lamb sausage orbs. If you’re searching for good Middle Eastern cuisine, Gazala’s Place is where you want to look.




Chinatown is a section of New York City full of Chinese culture and delicacies. The last decade has seen a Chinese food renaissance in New York City, with diverse restaurants ranging from regional restaurants to casual spots for a bite to eat. No matter what you’re in the mood for, traveling to Chinatown will give you a taste of the best Chinese food the city has to offer.


One such popular restaurant is Friendship Foods BBQ, a chain restaurant with three locations in New York City alone. It’s immensely popular with kids in the Flushing neighborhood, including high schoolers looking for a bite to eat. The restaurant’s theme reflects off-road vehicles and whimsical sculptures, making for a unique dining experience. From Xinjiang-style kebabs to hot pots, Friendship Foods BBQ is a must-visit restaurant for delicious Chinese food.




Of course, who would go to New York City without considering its abundance of Italian restaurants? The city is the birthplace of red sauce and Italian-American cuisine, with quality restaurants throughout all five boroughs that make it impossible to choose just one location to eat at. 


Folks visiting closer to Long Island City should give Manetta’s a shot if they’re looking for delicious Italian food. The restaurant offers classic Italian dishes with modern twists and a casual dining room with a wood-burning oven as its focal point. If you have the money to spend, take a taste of the ribeye steak in Barolo sauce, grilled lamb chops with almond mint pesto, or the baked branzino with a Greek flare. 


Classic options such as orecchiette with sausage and an innovative take on spaghetti, called contadina, are also available. New York City is famous for its pizza, so if you want to try the classic dish in the Big Apple itself, you can order the oven-baked food there as well.