The onset of fall is often the beginning of a long seasonal baking period. Pies may be one of the most traditional dishes prepared at home during the fall season. Nothing will beat the feeling of biting into a fresh-made pie after coming in from an apple picking session or football game. To fill your autumn days with true culinary delights, try one of these top five must-have pies for fall.

Easy Pumpkin Pie

One of the best fall traditions includes going to pick a fresh pumpkin and carving that pumpkin into a creative face. While it is possible to create a pumpkin pie using real pumpkins, the easiest pumpkin pie recipes call for canned pumpkin puree. Using this trick can make sure you are able to enjoy your tasty pumpkin treat much more quickly.

Pecan Pie

Nothing says American decadence quite like pecan pie. The delicious dessert is enjoyed by Americans from all over the country, due to its hallmark sweet syrup that provides both the characteristic sweetness and the unmistakable texture.

Sweet Potato Pie

While many in the northern part of the US prefer pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie is the dish traditionally served during fall holiday meals in the South. This custard is best made with the filling from baked sweet potatoes and typically has a creamier consistency than its pumpkin counterpart. Like pumpkin pie, this pie can be enjoyed on its own or covered in whipped cream.

Apple Pie

If you live anywhere near an apple orchard, an essential part of fall involves going to the orchard and picking fresh apples. What better way to enjoy those apples than to place them in a flaky apple pie? If you truly are looking to create special apple pies, try spicing up the recipe with a double-crusted apple pie recipe or add pears for a pear and apple galette.

Skillet Chicken Pot Pie

While many fall favorite pies are sweet, savory chicken pot pie is a standard in many homes once the weather begins to turn cooler. Many chicken pot pie recipes involve baking casseroles in the oven, but if you are looking to save time while still enjoying this traditional savory pie, the dish can easily be made in a skillet.