Ever wonder what the future of food will look like? It’s not hard to imagine that in a few years, there will be foods on our shelves that we never dreamed existed. So, here are some crazy foods from 2021.

  1. Bug Burgers

Beetles, grasshoppers, and other creepy crawlies will be turned into patties and sold in grocery stores.

  1. Hot Dog Water

This one might sound crazy, but hot dog water is a thing. It’s made by boiling hot dogs until all the water evaporates, leaving behind a salty broth that can be used to flavor food or drink.

  1. Edible Six-Pack Rings

These rings are made from seaweed and are completely edible. They won’t harm marine life if they’re accidentally ingested, and they also biodegrade quickly.

  1. Fruit Leathers

The fruit leathers of 2021 will be made with avocado, sweet potato, and pumpkin ingredients. They are filled with healthy fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

  1. Pizza Pockets

These pockets are made by frying pizza dough until it becomes crispy before filling them with ingredients like cheese, pepperoni, vegetables, sauce, and more.

  1. Shark Burgers

Shark meat is mixed into burgers to provide a leaner alternative for red meat that provides the Omega fats necessary in your diet.

  1. “Real” Cheese Pringles

The “real” cheese pringles come from an old recipe that was recently revived using traditional methods of making cheddar cheese. This gives you the flavor without worrying about chemicals or preservatives usually added to processed foods.

  1. Vegan Sushi

This sushi is made from vegetables and fruits turned into a sticky paste. It’s then rolled up with rice and seaweed to create a delicious, vegan-friendly snack.

  1. Coconut Water Ice Cream

Coconut water ice cream is made by freezing coconut milk until it becomes solid. The result is a light, refreshing, and dairy-free ice cream.

  1. White Claw Iced Tea

White Claw, a new brand of iced tea and seltzer with four refreshing flavors: lemon raspberry mango peach, introduces their product to the market. This innovative creation combines girly drinks in one bottle so you can enjoy all your favorite summer vibes without having multiple cans or bottles around.

  1. Red Bull Dragon Fruit

In a world where people crave something refreshing and tart, Red Bull released their newest flavor, Dragon Fruit. This energy drink features the taste of summer in every sip, with hints from light floral notes on top that will make your mouth water for more.

We can’t wait to see what else the future of food has in store. In addition, you can check People.com for more crazy food items that hit our shelves.