Going out and having a fresh sandwich from your favorite local deli can be a treat, but often you might wonder if you could replicate that same experience at home. Making sandwiches at home can seem difficult at first, but it’s one of the easier foods to replicate your success with over time. Take these steps in making some of the best sandwiches you can eat at home.




The bread in a sandwich is known as one of these most crucial parts of a sandwich as you can get many different types of tastes just from the bread itself. Choosing the right bread means understanding what type of ingredients you’re planning on putting between the slices of bread. For example, ciabatta bread is often known for being great bread for those looking for a sandwich that might be skimpier on the ingredients. Before purchasing your bread, consider getting a full uncut loaf over pre-sliced bread as it can tend to get soggy very quickly.




Meat is typically known as the primary source of ingredients for a sandwich in between the bread and vegetables. To source the right meat for your sandwiches, you’ll want to visit a local butcher instead of picking up presliced meat at the grocery store. The reason behind this is that working with a butcher can make it so that you get the freshest meat possible with the exact type of cut your sandwiches are looking for.


International Types


While not exactly called sandwiches, you can try out various international foods that are similar enough to sandwiches that you eat today. One of these is the sabich from Israel, which is pita bread stuffed with ingredients like hummus, Israeli salad, amba, tahini, and more to create a great option for those that are vegetarian. Another popular food is ognigrazu, a Japanese sandwich made out of rice and seaweed that can include all different ingredients in the middle like tuna, fried chicken, avocado, and more. Finally, you can try Korean lettuce wraps that use lettuce as bread and allows you to wrap the leaves around protein like pork belly and steak. Experimenting with international dishes can be a great way to find a new food that you can obsess over.