While conventional Christmas cookies are always a hit, the holiday season is also a terrific opportunity to experiment with festive shapes, tasty flavors, and fresh cooking methods beyond typical gingerbread. The following ideas will bring lots of cheer, whether you’re seeking attractive cookies to wrap and give or crowd-pleasers for holiday partying.

The ideal holiday treat combines white peppermint bark with a chocolate cookie base. This large-batch recipe is perfect for cookie exchanges, holiday parties, or even gift wrapping. Additionally, it is simple enough to make with the entire family. As with traditional bark, you break the enormous sheet into pieces rather than shaping individual cookies.

These gingerbread men have a festive mood about them. They hang out wherever warm, comforting drinks are available. Try serving them with your favorite seasonal coffee or hot cocoa.

This holiday decorating task is a tasty mental challenge. You’ll wonder, “Where is Santa?” while you pipe beautiful circles and triangles all over the enormous sugar cookie. But then, eight Kris Kringles will appear out of nowhere! You can give the entire cookie and let your visitors find Santa on their own or divide it into wedges for serving.

These peppermint-flavored sugar cookies are consistently spherical, thanks to the aid of a muffin pan. Additionally, they are simple enough for all members of the family to contribute. Frozen peppermint patties are inserted into the cookies to boost flavor and offer a hidden surprise with the first bite. No need to decorate after baking because the sprinkles are placed directly on top before going into the oven, making them ready to serve once cooled.

A traditional cookie form is given a fresh Christmas touch by the nutmeg, cream, and rum-infused eggnog flavors and the festive striped chocolate candies on top.

Due to the soft, chewy cookies’ subtle molasses and gingerbread spice undertones, as well as the ample amount of spiced cookie butter spread in the filling, these cookie sandwiches are brimming with seasonal pleasure. A further sprinkle of sanding sugar is added for the ideal sweetness and holiday gloss.

Create a vertical cookie dish with this 3D Christmas tree forest to make it especially spectacular. After cutting the dough, chill it to aid the shapes in maintaining their sharpness while baking.

This thumbprint biscuit, which is filled with a delicious handmade milk jam and baked with ground coffee beans and turbinado sugar, will appeal to coffee enthusiasts.